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Nutrition information is constantly evolving. We are always learning. Moving Nutrition strives to harmonize evidence-based nutrition science with intuitive wellness in a noisy digital media landscape. At the heart of our mission, is the endeavor to help others achieve their happiest, healthiest life and contribute to a positive, healthful, ripple effect throughout the world. At the micro level, we are specialists in nutrition and lifestyle for gastrointestinal and mental health.

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BDNF, Depression & How to Boost Your Levels

Jodie is a mum, nutritionist and science-nerd with a Bachelor of Science and a Postgraduate Diploma of Human Nutrition. She has a passion for understanding the biological mechanisms underlying mood disorders and deciphering the scientific efficacy of natural approaches to healing. Learn more about Jodie here. Over the past week, I’ve been super excited to indulge my science brain again.


Is Coconut Oil Healthy? The Under hype.

The spotlight is on coconut oil this week with this review released by the American Heart Association. Ideally, you should check out the original paper yourself. If it’s too much reading and scientific jargon, I totally understand, just stick to this blog. Now where to even begin… The coconut oil hype Coconut oil emerged onto the nutrition scene and quickly


My Transition into Motherhood + What I’ve Learnt

“Some events are so big and so powerful that they cannot help but change everything they touch.” ~ Maxine Harris, PhD, in The Loss That Is Forever I delayed composing this article for many reasons. Number 1: I try to make this blog about you and less about me. But becoming a mother has been an unwittingly consuming and momentous


Chickpea & Cauliflower Curry

This recipe is a star of “The Healthy Reset” eBook. It captures the warmth and satisfaction of a creamy coconut curry yet is simultaneously refreshing, wholesome, nutrient dense and leaves you feeling wonderful! With the addition of turmeric, ginger and other spices, this dish is incredibly healing and anti-inflammatory. It is also gluten-free, dairy-free, nut-free and vegan-friendly. I hope you


What Are Macros + How to Calculate Them?

There’s a growing trend known as macro counting. Macro counting, also referred to as flexible dieting and IIFYM (“If It Fits Your Macros”), is a practice of knowing, tracking and eating in accordance with certain proportions of macronutrients – that is, the three main energy-yielding nutrients that make up all foods – protein, carbohydrates and fats. The practice of macro


How to view food as nourishment & enjoy it!

Disordered eating, and I don’t mean eating disorders (although those too), are rife! It breaks my heart to meet so many beautiful souls going through life with this ominous, ever-present darkness looming over their heads. Having personally battled through a long and deeply destructive relationship with food and my body, I get it. I get how it can impact everything!


7 Simple Steps to Naturally Address Depression

Depression is highly prevalent worldwide. Complementary medicine – including nutrition and dietary supplementation – is an effective adjunct to managing and treating mild-moderate depression. Here are six considerations to naturally address depression: 1. Balance your blood sugar. Poor blood sugar control is associated with symptoms of depression. Excess sugar intake in the form of highly processed foods is also associated


10 Strategies to Reduce Your Risk of Dementia Now

Dementia prevention begins now! Dementia is a disease that commonly manifests in older age. BUT the process that leads to dementia begins very EARLY in life. Dementia projections are set to rise substantially! That means; you and I are at a heightened risk for developing this life disabling REALITY. The reality of dementia is a chronic neurological decline that impacts


How much protein do I really need?

When it comes to protein, are our needs often over-hyped? Don’t get me wrong. Protein is super-duper important and an extraordinarily fascinating class of macromolecules. However, the emphasis on protein, protein …and protein may be taken too far that we’re losing sight of the greater health picture. Firstly, what is protein …actually? Protein is a HUGE class of large molecules


3 Science-backed spices to alleviate depression

Healing from depression requires a multifaceted approach and continuous nurturing, and re-nurturing. If you or someone you love is looking for complementary natural approaches, here are three science-backed additions to spice up your life! 1. TURMERIC This attractive golden spice has topped the superfood charts in recent years, and rightfully so. The active component of turmeric, curcumin, is known for

About Jodie

(ANutr, GDipNut, BSc, BA) Jodie is the director of Moving Nutrition, a postgraduate university qualified nutritionist, personal trainer, ex-dancer and choreographer, and a new mum. Jodie specializes in mood (depression, anxiety, irritability, OCD), gut health, weight concern, and establishing a postive relationship with food. She is also knowledgeable in sports nutrition for recreational athletes and competitive dancers. The Moving Nutrition blog is here to educate, encourage and empower you to live your healthiest, happiest life, and is filled with simple, delicious, real food recipes. Jodie is on a mission to harmonize nutrition science and intuitive wellness. Stay in touch #movingnutrition Read More…

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