Are You Giving Yourself Enough Credit?

Growth occurs before our very eyes but we don’t notice it because it happens slowly. The perfect example: a child, my daughter Sophia. Reflecting upon the past 3 years (yesterday she turned 3); there were days and nights that latest an eternity and I wished them away, yet now I look at how rapidly she has grown – physically, mentally,


The Problem With Success

Shifting the way we view success can have positively staggering consequences for the way we measure ourselves. Most of us recognize “success” when we hear it. “The person who launched x corporations, wrote x number of books, headed the philanthropic association, guest-appeared on Oprah, shook hands with the queen, and flew to mars …” Recently, as I sat, sunken in


Can You Build Muscle & Lose Fat?

I’ve spent way too much thought power the past month trying to refine my fitness goals for 2018. Since I used to be a competitive dancer and cheerleader, always with a competition in sight, I’m struggling with the no end-point. Sure exercise for health ought to be enough of a driver… But it ain’t scratching the current itch. Insert, I


Healthy Vegan Rocky Road

A healthier take on delicious Rocky Road complete with crunch, chewiness and nutty decadence. Without the extra sugar, dairy- and gluten-free, and vegan friendly. This healthier version of Rocky Road is the ultimate indulgence. Sweetened naturally with dried fruits, lots of textural crunch with puffed rice, healthy fats from coconut and nuts, and a flavorsome kick from the chewy glazé


Working On My Morning Routine

Morning rituals? Do you have any? What does your morning routine look like? These days, I prefer to opt for more sleep rather than get up any earlier than necessary. However this year, I am hoping (hopeful), with a now routinely sleeping toddler, to get up earlier and create more time in my day. I’ll be working to incorporate more


Toasted Tahini Granola

Super healthy, easy to make, minimal fuss, delicious, homemade granola. This is an absolute favorite! Enjoy for breakfast with yoghurt and fruit. Or by itself, as a snack! For quite some time I was a skeptic about making my own muesli or granola. It seemed hard…. Gosh, was I so wrong. It is the easiest thing you’ll ever make and


How to Stay Healthy and Slim With a Desk Job?

Working the rather sedentary 9-6+++ (because let’s be honest, who clocks off at 5pm these days, unless you start the day earlier or your logging into conference call from home) does present with unique challenges to health and weight. I know. I’ve been there and I’ve struggled this struggle. I also learnt a thing or two along the way, and


Help, Making Goals a.ka. New Year’s Resolutions for 2019?

Gosh, is it that time of year again?! Making resolutions can be a wonderful way to set your year’s intentions and focus. They can also end up a completely futile, even negative task, leaving you disappointed and dissatisfied. According to 2017 statistics, merely 9.2% of respondents felt they were successful in achieving their resolutions! That’s pretty slim. Huffington Post writer,


Avoid Overeating this Christmas & Stay on Track

You know that stomach-straining, nauseating, possibly even painful, feeling you get when you’ve eaten way too much? I do! Despite having a hold on my overeating the past few years, I haven’t forgotten that sickly, binge eating feeling. In fact, the feeling comes on all too strong when I think about it. This year I plan to maintain my good


Pecan & Hemp Seeds Banana Bread

Recently hemp seeds and hemp produced for human consumption became legalized in Australia. To celebrate this nutritional milestone, I came up with this awesome new recipe that uses these hemp babies. BUT FIRST, WHY SHOULD YOU CARE ABOUT HEMP? 1. Fibre content is insane! Hemp seeds are a rich source of both soluble and insoluble dietary fibre, which help keep

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(ANutr, GDipNut, BSc, BA) Jodie is the director of Moving Nutrition, a postgraduate university qualified nutritionist, personal trainer, ex-dancer and choreographer, and a new mum. Jodie specializes in mood (depression, anxiety, irritability, OCD), gut health, weight concern, and establishing a postive relationship with food. She is also knowledgeable in sports nutrition for recreational athletes and competitive dancers. The Moving Nutrition blog is here to educate, encourage and empower you to live your healthiest, happiest life, and is filled with simple, delicious, real food recipes. Jodie is on a mission to harmonize nutrition science and intuitive wellness. Stay in touch #movingnutrition Read More…

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