Don’t be ruined by rawliciously raw desserts


Raw desserts taste amazing and I must thank my good friend Jayde Hwang from Nourish & Adore for developing my senses for these decadent treats. They are made with real, raw food and can be an excellent source of indulgent nourishment. However, it’s easy to assume these desserts are healthy and even easier to enjoy them in over-abundance once your taste buds latch on. But how healthy are they?

Raw desserts are dense and often made with nuts, nut butters, syrups, dates, coconut and oils, among other wonderful ingredients. Many of their ingredients provide nutrients, such as selenium, magnesium, zinc, omega fatty acids, vitamin E and B vitamins, which are great for our health. But they are also a highly concentrated source of fats. Fat contains more than twice the amount of energy per gram compared with the other energy-yielding macronutrients, protein and carbohydrate.

While raw desserts are a delicious treat, they are not innocent bystanders when it comes to portion control. Due to their very nature, they make it easy to consume excess amounts of energy within a single serve. If you are trying to watch your weight, this is something to be mindful of.

Enjoy these amazing gifts from the raw-genius gods and goddesses, but remember they are still dessert! Share with a friend or romantic partner, and mindfully tune in to every scent, flavour and detail.


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