10 Natural, nutritional solutions for brighter, clearer skin


1. Hydration. Ever noticed those fine lines deepen after a night of consuming too many alcoholic beverages and not enough H2O? That’s dehydration. Your cells require water to stay plump, which provides your skin with that dewy glow.

2. Avoid inflammatory foods. Inflammation is a ubiquitous characteristic of unhappy skin. Reduce your consumption of inflammatory foods, such as those rich in omega-6 fatty acids (canola oil, vegetable oil, fried foods, bakery goods, donuts, croissants, biscuits, etc.)

3. Reduce the AGEs. AGEs stands for Advanced Glycation End Products. I talk about these in The Healthy Reset.

4. Go nutrient-dense. When we supply our body with all the vitamins and minerals it requires to thrive, it shows through our skin. Choose foods that are nutrient-dense. That is, they contain a tremendous amount of goodness per unit measure.

5. Amp up the antioxidants. Choose foods that are rich in vitamin C, carotenoids, selenium, lycopene and vitamin E, such as kiwi fruit, orange/red coloured fruits and vegetables, Brazil nuts and berries.

6. Let the sun shine. Our skin evolved to be exposed to the sun (albeit in subtle doses), but some days we can see very little. Especially if working all day in an office. There are numerous benefits of letting a little bit of sun shine down on your skin each day. This is an interesting article.

7. Look after your gut. Your skin often reflects the health of your gut. Both are significant barriers to the outside world. What your gut absorbs and experiences affects your skin.

8. Eat healthy fats e.g.: avocado, nuts and seeds.

9. Eat protein with each meal – your body’s cells require amino acids (the building blocks of proteins) to repair and replicate, including your skin cells.

10. Enjoy Vitamin A -rich foods. e.g.: sweet potatoes, carrots, dark leafy greens, mangoes and cantaloupe. Vitamin A is essential for cellular repair and renewal, as well as for building new proteins. Vitamin A even helps to protect your skin for sun damage.


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