Are you your own worst enemy?


Lately I’ve become more enlightened about the tendency of self-sabotage. Yes, I’m guilty! And I’m certain I’m not the only one. Why is it that we betray ourselves to such an unnecessary and burdensome delusion?

Within each of us is a strong, capable and proud individual. Yet we do not always allow this person to thrive. We pin them down and subsequently, we limit ourselves.

We tell ourselves:

“You can’t”

“You’re not good enough”

“You’re destined for failure”

“Something bad is going to happen because it always does”

“You’re a fake, a fraud, an outsider”

And then we find experiences in the past and present to affirm our limiting thoughts or beliefs.

Yet this is the precise type of thinking that is holding you back from reaching for your goals, launching that business idea, talking to the hottie at work, and supressing the strong, capable and amazing individual within you.

So how can you change this around?

First, you need to recognise that this amazing version of yourself is YOU! When you start working towards letting go of the self-sabotaging or destructive self, you will begin to allow this amazing person to thrive.

Second, the past and present are NOT your future! By projecting limiting beliefs into the future, you are essentially future-tripping yourself into believing it won’t work out or your ‘doomed’ for failure. But the past and present are NOT your future! Allow yourself this wonderful reality and open yourself up to a future world of possible.

“Your future is glistening with joy, progress and achievements, should you believe as such.”

Lastly and the most powerful tool of all is to start re-programming your mind. I recommend a form of cognitive behavioural therapy (CBT) commonly used by psychologists and proven to assist people with unhealthy habits of thinking.

The next time you think something self-sabotaging or limiting, try saying to yourself the exact opposite! Say the encouraging and confidence-boosting opposite of your limiting thoughts.

Instead of

“Something bad is going to happen because it always does”

Replace it with

“My future is full of joy, progress, achievements and success, should I allow it and believe it”

It sounds simple, but it can be incredibly powerful, if you trust that it can work and remain consistent and persistent. Realise that your mind is saying something, but you don’t have to listen to it or believe it.

If your thoughts are not serving you, if in fact they are hindering you, it’s time to let them go and choose to believe something else. You deserve it!


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